Our Mission
Showcase Handmade Small Production Wines that Represent the place they come from and people that produce them. We are steadfast in our commitment to these producers and our beliefs.

Wine List

Our Wine List changes often. Please email to request a copy of our current list.

Corkage Policy

Mazie’s does not allow outside wine to be brought into the Restaurant. More often than not, the wines our guests wish to bring represent the opposite of our above mission statement. To allow corkage would be a contradiction of our mission. We hope you understand this and allow us the opportunity to introduce you to something different.

If you have a bottle or occasion that you truly believe warrants an exception to this policy, we welcome you to contact us directly at (561)323-2573.

We understand that occasionally we must be flexible with this policy. Please speak directly to our management team PRIOR to arrival, if you believe this is an exception. We will not Cork bottles for guests without prior notice.

We appreciate your time and consideration.